Professional Liability Insurance Webinar Series

Lawyers Professional Liability: Practical Risk Management Steps

Panelist Information:     Neil P. McGowan J.D. M.B.A
Duration: 28 minutes

Taking proactive risk management steps to reduce and help mitigate your firm’s exposure to a loss is vital and may help to reduce your professional liability expenses. This informative webinar will explore some of the following subject matters and issues:

  • Essential of an effective Docket and Calendar System
  • Group Management of Client Matters
  • Policy Considerations
  • Redacting Information Properly
  • Policy on Firm Computers, Internet Use and Social Networking
  • Record Retention Consideration
  • Benefits of insuring through McGowanPRO



Mitigate Cyber Security Risks for Lawyers: A Unique Approach

Panelist Information:    
Neil P. McGowan, J.D. M.B.A. & Jason M. Adams
Duration: 28 minutes

In today’s digital and high tech world, a lawyers’ professional liability policy isn’t just about liability coverage. Exposure from cyber attacks has increased exponentially with cybercrimes projected to cost $6 trillion globally by 2021 – up from $3 trillion in 2015. Attorneys and law firms are as vulnerable to cybercrime as any other business.

On July 18th, connect with McGowanPRO, program administrator for Zurich’s Lawyers’ Professional Liability program, for a 30-minute webinar. Learn about the increasing threat to attorneys and their law practices, as well as coverage that can help protect against cybercrime.

During the webinar, program specialists will focus on:

  • Traditional security risks for lawyers
  • How technology has changed the risks associated with LPL
  • McGowanPRO’s approach to Cyber Liability