About McGowan

Built on three generations of dedication to the insurance and financial services industry, The McGowan Companies has earned its reputation by empowering our clients with aggressive, flexible, and creative products that capitalize on changes in the insurance marketplace. McGowanPRO, The McGowan Companies’ newest venture, seeks to build on that experience by bringing our products directly to our customers. By leveraging our underwriting experience and the latest technology, McGowanPRO makes buying Professional Liability Insurance for your company easy, allowing you to save time and money.

Over 65 years ago, a handful of people in a multi-story brick office building on the west side of Cleveland hacked away on typewriters and delivered policies to clients through the postal service. This small group of forward thinking traditionalists, including Thomas B. McGowan, pioneered the development and beginnings of many of the fantastic products we carry now, and set the bar for the level of service, ingenuity and integrity that are still practiced today.

Focusing on emerging trends in software, data management and security advances, McGowanPRO eliminated typewriters and postage, but that’s about all that was given up of the company’s humble roots. McGowanPRO has managed to perfect the marriage of dynamic technological capabilities with non-automated, genuine, honest, personal service. Looking forward into the future and finding even better and more inventive ways to service our customers will always be our goal; however our innate ability to do that comes from over half a decade as an industry leader, growing ever stronger with each passing day.

It’s not hard to see how we have become the industry leader for specialized Professional Liability Insurance. Combining the distinctive service only achievable by over 65 years of cultivation and growth, state-of-the-art technology, and a partnership with one of America’s most trusted insurance companies, it’s clear that McGowanPRO is the answer for your professional insurance needs.