Sample Law Firm Policies

Risk Management begins with solid “In-House” controls. Click on the following link(s) to view our sample law firm policies –

Managing your risk as a law firm starts with setting basic policies that all members of your firm should follow. The following sample law firm policies and considerations are designed to help you adopt new risk management policies and provide guidance to enhancing your current policies.

Before proceeding, please note that these resources are meant to provide information and suggestions of interest to the legal profession. This site is not intended to provide legal advice for a specific situation or to create an attorney-client relationship.

Essentials of an Effective Docket and Calendar System

Group Management of Client Matters Policy

Policy on Firm Computers, Internet Use, and Social Networking

Online Activity Policy

Policy on Giving and Receiving Gifts

Retention and Destruction of Electronic Documents Including E-Mail Record

Record Retention Consideration

Policy Considerations: Investment in Clients

Disaster Planning Considerations